Food timetable for students

Food timetable for students

Are you a student always worried about what to eat before and after lecture especially if you are the type that cooks.

This food timetable will guide you


Breakfast: Yam and egg

Lunch: Vegetable soup with eba and fish or meat

Noodles and fish or meat.


Breakfast: Bread and butter with tea.

Lunch: Ogbono soup with semo, fish or meat.

Dinner: fried potatoes and sauce


Breakfast: spaghetti and stew with egg
/ Meat or you make jollof spaghetti

Lunch: Rice and beans

Dinner: Yam pottage with fish

Breakfast: Golden morn

Lunch: okra soup with any swallow of your choice

Dinner: Beans and bread


Breakfast: Cornflakes

Lunch: jollof rice and beef

Dinner: Moimoi and pap


Breakfast: bread and egg with tea

Lunch: Vegetable soup with any swallow of your choice

Dinner: Noodles and egg


Breakfast: Biscuits and tea

Lunch: Jollof rice and beef/ fish.

Dinner: Fried plantain and egg