Homemade lollipop candy

Homemade lollipop candy

Your children will love this. It is easy to make.


*Sugar- 2 cup
*Glucose -1/4 cup
*Water 1/4 cup
Food coloring -2 teaspoon.
Flavour – I prefer strawberry or pineapple flavour-1 tablespoon

In a clean pot add sugar, glucose and place on fire( you can use your gas cooker or stove) to boil.

*stir till all the mixture fully dissolve, then add your flavour, colouring and mix.

* Pour the mixture in a tray.

* You can cut into smaller pieces and mould into desired shape.

* Then insert a skewer or a toothpick or anything that can hold it to the moulded ones.

* Your candy is ready for eating