How to make aleewa

How to make aleewa

Aleewa is a popular sweet or candy popular with children born around 80’s -90’s.
It comes in different colours, some of us used our feeding money to buy it back then.
Here is an easy way to make your aleewa.

Ingredients needed:

* Sugar-1kg
* 50ml of water
* Food colouring-one tablespoon, you can use any colour you want.

* 20cl of corn water.


* Soak a little quantity of corn flour into water for 2 days. It is the water that becomes corn water, which you will be using

* Put pot on fire, add sugar, add water,let it boil.

* Add corn water.

* Add food colouring

* Mix together,let it continue to boil, until you see something like a crystal forming. it begins to caramelize.

* Pour the mixture on a flat surface like a clean table leave for up to 30 seconds.

* Use spoon to start dragging the mixture on the table ,till it comes together as one.

* Then look for an iron rod or anywhere you can hang it, ( make sure, it is clean) begin to stretch it and pull it and wrapping it around the hook.

* Use knife to cut into desired sizes.

Keep on doing before it gets cold, your aleewa is ready.

Photo credit: Google