How to spot a good yam

How to spot a good yam in the market

Yam is currently expensive in the market, buying yam at huge amount, only to get home and discover that more than half of it has gotten spoilt can be annoying.

There are some yam that will taste bitter or change colour

These tips will help you to spot the right yam so you don’t end up wasting your money to buy a bad yam

* Yams that has black spots, changes colour and taste bitter

*A good yam should not have roots growing out of it, if it has roots ,it will not taste nice because it has already started a journey of being ready for planting.

* A good yam will have something like ” soft hair growing from it”

* If there are holes that extend to the middle of the yam, there is high tendency that half of the yam is spoilt,and you might end up cutting away half of it.