Hot cake business you can start with 10,000 naira

Hot cake business you can start with 10,000 naira.

The country’s economy is currently hard.
A lot of graduates are seeking for job and find it difficult to get one.

It is not all of us that will get white collar jobs, there are some legit businesses we can start with little capital that will put food on our table and meet our needs.

Are you an housewife or unemployed graduates , check out hot cake business you can start with as little as 10,000 naira.

* You can start making and selling perfume oils. People love to smell nice , this makes it a profitable business.
With as little as 10,000 naira you can start making your perfume oils.

( How to make perfume oil has been taught on this blog, check it out)

You can start selling the perfume oil on social media like Facebook , Instagram. With as little as 500 naira, you can do sponsored advertisement on Facebook , which will enable you to get customers

* Liquid soap making- This is also a profitable business. You can start with as little as 5,000 Naira. Liquid soap can be packaged inside used soft drinks bottles.
With 3,000 naira , you can produce up to 25 Liters of liquid soap.

* Data selling- we have over 20 million Nigerians that are active online, this means that they spend a lot of data daily.

You can start selling data subscription that are cheaper by registering as an agent with one of the network.

* Sharwama – start selling sharwama in front of bars or clubs or busy road. There are a lot of YouTube videos that will put you through on how to make sharwama.

* You can even make and start selling chinchin or fish roll and start selling to school children.

* You can start making and selling zobo, kunu drinks.