Tools and equipments needed by a baker

Tools and equipments needed by a baker.

Some bakers are confused on the list of essential tools they need.
The truth is there are some essential tools you need to get ,if you want go into baking for commercial purpose.

These lists will put you through on the major things you need to get first.

* Hand mixer or stand mixer – buy any of it that you can afford.


* Meat pie cutter

*Large bowls

* Baking pans.

* Chopping board and rolling pin

* Sharp knife

* Oven

* Measuring cups

* Spatula

*Pastry brush

* Sieve

* Food processor/ blender

* Cake nozzle

* Kitchen scale

* Fondant mat

The list are many, if you don’t have money to buy all at once, you can be buying it little by little