DIY and crafts

How to make aleewa

How to make aleewa Aleewa is a popular sweet or candy popular with children born around 80’s -90’s. It comes in different colours, some of us used our feeding money to buy it back then. […]

DIY and crafts

Homemade lollipop candy

Homemade lollipop candy Your children will love this. It is easy to make. Ingredients *Sugar- 2 cup *Glucose -1/4 cup *Water 1/4 cup Food coloring -2 teaspoon. Flavour – I prefer strawberry or pineapple flavour-1 […]


How to make perfume oil

How to make perfume oil A lot of people love to smell nice which makes perfume business a lucrative one. It is a business you can start with little capital, the production process is easy. […]