How to make lip gloss

How to make lip gloss at home. You can make lip gloss, it is easy to make. This lip gloss recipe helps your lips to be soft and succulent.Lip gloss prevents the lips from drying […]

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Body repair oil

Body repair oil Did you bleach your skin and you don’t like the outcome and you want to go back to your real colour. This will help you go back to your real colour Materials […]


Food timetable for students

Food timetable for students Are you a student always worried about what to eat before and after lecture especially if you are the type that cooks. This food timetable will guide you Monday Breakfast: Yam […]


Skin toning milk recipe

Skin toning milk recipe This helps to tone and lighten the skin to the shade that will fit you and bring out youthful and even skin tone . It also clears spots, scars, and other […]