How to make egg powder

How to make egg powder.

Do you know you can make and turn your eggs into powder.

Egg powder are used in production of beverages, custard and can last for up to 6 months without getting spoilt.

It can also be added to your cooking to give it a unique taste.
Check out the easiest and simple way to make your egg powder.


* Egg – as many as you want.


* Take your eggs and break your eggs.

* If you want to achieve yellow egg powder, you use only the yolk

* Break your eggs into a bowl.

* Use a blender or food processor to mix it together.

* Or you use your spoon to mix well.

* Then pour the egg mixture into your oven tray and bake for few minutes

* Remove from oven, once it is dry ,don’t allow it to get burnt.

* Blend into powder.

* Once it is cool , store in air tight container and use .