How to prevent your semovita from having lumps

Tips to prevent lumps in your semovita

A lot of people complains that no matter how much they try to prepare semo ,it usually have lumps,this tips will prevent your semo from having lumps and come out well.

* Put a pot containing water on your gas or stove ,let it boil.

* In a bowl, pour in your semovita and mix with water ( normal tap water )

* Mix with wooden ladle, until the mixture is smooth and paste is achieved.

* Pour in the semo paste into the pot of water on fire and quickly reduce the heat.

* Mix the mixture that is on fire with wooden ladle.

* Do this for few minutes.

* Let it cook, the Semo will become harden.

* Turn it with wooden ladle.

* Remove from fire and serve with any soup of your choice. Follow these steps and it will prevent your semo from having lumps