How to make sardine fish

How to make sardine.

A lot of us are lovers of sardine. Sardine can be added to your eggs ,to your pasta sauce and lots more.

Check out the easiest way to prepare your sardine at home.


* Sardine fish – you can use Titus fish

*Olive oil/ vegetable oil

* Seasoning

*Garlic powder-1 teaspoon.

* White pepper- 1 teaspoon.

* Salt- to taste


* Wash the fish and remove the internal organs.

* Cut the fish according to your desired size.

* In a clean pot, add little quantity of water, put on fire.

* Put in the fish,add the white pepper, garlic powder, seasoning, salt and vegetable oil

*Let it boil to the extent that the water dries up and you are left with  the oil.

* Let it cook for few minutes and remove from fire, your sardine is ready