How to make Turmeric Bathing Soap

How to make turmeric bathing soap

This soap recipe helps to replenish dry skin, brightens the skin, clear skin blemishes and suitable for all skin types.

Your skin will begin to glow and everyone asking you for the name of your soap.

Check out the amazing and easy steps to make turmeric soap

Materials needed:

*300ml coconut oil

*400ml olive oil

*100ml almond oil

20ml Castor oil

* 6 tablespoons of turmeric powder

*110g sodium hydroxide

2 tablespoons of original honey

3 tablespoons of carrot oil.


In a clean bowl, add turmeric powder, 200ml of water, add the sodium hydroxide

* Mix with wooden spoon

* The next thing to add is Coconut oil, Castor oil, Olive oil and Almond oil, honey and Carrot Oil into the mixture as you mix with your wooden spoon or wooden ladle ,the mixture will become thick.

* Then pour the mixture into silicon mould or soap mould.

* Leave it to solidify for 24-48 hours.
The soap will bring out the shape of the silicon mould.

*After it has solidify , remove from the mould, your soap is ready for use