How to make Aloe Vera lightening soap


This soap recipe clears even the most stubborn stretch marks, sun burn , pimples and other skin blemishes leaving your skin spotless.

Materials needed:

*2 stems of Aloe vera or 4 teaspoons of ready made or over the counter aloe Vera.

* One tablespoon of honey.

*500g of soap base

* 3 tablespoons of coconut oil

* Colour: green or other preferred colour.

* Perfume- as you desire.

* Vitamin E oil- two tablespoons.


* Peel the aloe-vera stems to extract its gel.

* Extract the gel in a bowl.

* You can decide to buy over the counter or already packaged aloe Vera gel.

* Blend the aloe Vera gel.

*Using a double boiler method , melt your soap base.

*After the soap base has melted, add your coconut oil, honey,vitamin E oil, colour, perfume

Your soap mould shape is what your soap will bring out.

* Grease the soap mould with coconut oil to allow the soap to be easy to remove from the mould when it solidifies.

* Pour the soap mixture into the soap moulds.

* Leave the soap in the mould for 12 hours.

* Then remove from mould and use to bath.

* Watch your skin glow