How to make ice lolly

How to make ice lolly

This brings back childhood memories and so easy to make. You can sell to school children and earn extra income.

Ingredients needed:

* Powdered Milk- 3 tablespoons.

* Sugar- 3 tablespoons.

* Vanilla essence- 1 teaspoons.

* Food colouring of your choice – 1/4 teaspoon.

* 1 glass cup of hot water.

If you want more quantities, you can increase your measurements.


* In a clean bowl, add your clean hot water.

* Add your powdered milk.

* Mix together.

* Then add sugar, vanilla essence, colouring and ensure it is well mixed.

* Since you are using hot water,let it cool down.

* Put in small nylon and tie the mouth of the nylon.

* Put in freezer to block