How to make sausage rolls


Sausage roll is my favourite snacks that I can never get tired of. I am a lover of sausage.

Check out how to make yummy sausage rolls.

Ingredients needed for the dough.

*250g of flour

* 1 teaspoon of salt.

*100g of butter

*¾ cup of cold water

Ingredients for the filling.

*200g of minced sausage.



* A pinch of salt

* Black pepper.


*After you have blended the sausage ,add in your seasoning, nutmeg , black pepper to the mixture and mix very well.

*Add all the ingredients needed for the dough into the bowl.

* Add water to it, to achieve a dough.

*. sprinkle flour on a clean surface or you use chopping board.

*Use rolling pin to roll the dough to get a regular shape.

Fill in the edge with your sausage mixture you prepared the other time and wrap.

* You will notice excess dough, trim it out.

* Repeat the process till you are through with filling the dough with sausage.

* Grease your baking pan.

* Apply Egg wash on each of it and bake for few minutes.