Moringa lightening soap

Moringa lightening soap

Moringa leaf is a natural leaf that has a lot of vitamins needed to help your skin glow and remove all skin blemishes. This recipe is natural with no side effects and suitable for all skin types.

Chemicals needed:

* Moringa leaf powder: 3 tablespoons.

* Honey – 4 tablespoons.

* Palm kernel oil- 500ml

* Carrot oil- 3 tablespoons.

* Caustic soda solution – 300ml

* Perfume – 2 tablespoons.

* Colour (optional) -1 teaspoon


* Pour your palm kernel oil into a clean bowl.

* Add Caustic soda solution into the oil and mix together.

* Add in your honey, moringa leaf powder,  colour ,carrot oil and lastly your fragrance into the mixture.

* Pour the mixture into your soap mould to solidify for 24 hours.

* After it has solidify , remove from the mould.

* Your moringa soap is ready for use.