How to make facial cleanser

How to make facial cleanser. This facial cleanser helps to clear and fade pimples, wrinkles, fine lines and makes your face smooth and glow with no side effects. Facial cleanser is important for every woman […]

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Body repair oil

Body repair oil Did you bleach your skin and you don’t like the outcome and you want to go back to your real colour. This will help you go back to your real colour Materials […]


Skin toning milk recipe

Skin toning milk recipe This helps to tone and lighten the skin to the shade that will fit you and bring out youthful and even skin tone . It also clears spots, scars, and other […]


Glowing night cream recipe

Glowing night cream recipe. This is for those who wants a clear and glowing face, free from acne, rashes or eczema. It is suitable for usage at night before going to bed. Materials needed: *Vaseline […]