Easy steps on how to make bleach

Easy steps on how to make bleach

How to make bleach
Bleach is  mostly used for removing stains from white clothings during washing. It is also  very effective in cleaning toilets bowls thereby making it sparkling clean and germ free.
Bleach production is easy to make especially for those who wants to go into the production and start selling, you can start with as little as 2,000 Naira and it can be done right from your home without the use of machine.
Chemicals needed:
*Chlorine ½ kg 
* Alum ½ kg 
* Caustic soda ½ kg 
*Soda Ash ½ kg 
*Water 15 liters 
*Mix the first four (4) chemicals together and pour into bucket.
*Pour 15 liters of water into the bucket containing the mixed chemicals.
*Stir with a wooden ladle for few minutes.
* Continue to stir every morning for 2 days 
Then, leave to settle after the morning stir and then sieve. The sieved solution is your bleach
Then you package into your bottles for sale, you have to be careful with the chemicals so it doesn’t splash on your body.
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