Home made seasoning powder

Home made seasoning powder

Making your own seasoning devoid of chemicals has its nutritional benefits over the popular brands of seasoning you buy in the market.
You are sure of its natural contents, it also helps to spice and add flavour to your cooking.
The taste and aroma will make you ask for more.
The cost of producing it, is cheap and can be stored for home usage.
This can be used by those adviced by medical personnel not to use regular seasoning you buy in the market.
Ingredients needed:
*Curry powder- 10 percent
* Crayfish- 20 percent 
* Onions – 10 percent
* Mushroom- 30 percent
* Garlic- 10 percent
* Ginger- 5 percent.
* Locust beans -15 percent.
This is the ratio of ingredients to use
*Sundry or oven dry your crayfish, mushroom, garlic,onions ,ginger and locust beans
* grind all the ingredients into powder
* Keep in air tight container and use for your cooking.
Photo credit: All Nigerian recipes


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